Simple yet effective!

Our game engine makes use of the OpenGL 4.0+ standard. It is written in C++ and comes packaged with no user editor, all interactions and setup should be done through serialisation and code. This massively simplifies the library and allows development, testing and compiling using whatever method you prefer.

Our structure:

Our main focus is on a component system, this helps the user to be able to stack all they want (aside from the game itself). Components may consist of but are not limited to: colliders, rigid-bodies, other Game-Objects. Another class we try to push is the Scriptable-Object, this is where your code can go when it needs to integrate alongside a parent object. All objects follow one parent class type called a Object-Component which is why all this linking gets supported. Each inheritance follows Update and Render functions.

All through code!

We make use of the C++ language for all of our code, and you should too for maintaining compatibility with our library.

Checkout the Docs!