The basics

Unified-OS is a DIY operating system that supports modern hardware. The requirements of running is ACPI 2.0, UEFI and x86_64-V2 instruction set and at least 256MB of ram. This OS is also fully functional on real hardware. However makes use of PS/2 interface for input and AHCI for storage. There is currently no USB support, although we do want to have that implemented in the future.

Alongside the OS we have built a compiler and standard library to build applications for the OS.

The Design

The current system supports FAT32 SATA drives, and is an Unix-Like integration design.

The window manage we chose to use is a tiling manager due to its simplicity of window management and no need to calculate window clipping, which is useful as there is no graphics drivers to help accelerate this.

This all new desktop environment makes it easier to manage and open windows. The start-menu can be added onto with simple config file altering. Taskbar allows addition of widgets for those applications that don't need a complete window.

Our NES port works too!

As a test of the standard library, speed and compiler. We chose to port our NES Emulator code to run on the OS and it runs great. It will load a rom that is passed as an argument and the PS/2 keyboard driver allows the whole thing to be playable. It opens like a normal application and will scale up so that it best fits the window size.

Checkout how we made it here!